Geek Bar Vape Near Me Disposable Vape Pens

The geek bar vape near me is an effective and convenient way to quit smoking. Available in a range of flavours, the device features a built-in 2ml pod that is filled with salt nicotine in a 20mg strength.

But there are concerns about their health impact, with some pens containing nicotine levels equivalent to smoking 125 cigarettes. This has prompted a warning from a leading paediatric specialist.

Disposable vape pens

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a nicotine fix without the hassle of smoking traditional cigarettes, disposable vape pens are an excellent option. They’re easy to use, don’t require too much prep time, and don’t produce an unpleasant odor.

They come in cartomizers or tanks that hold liquid nicotine, which is heated by an atomizer coil when you draw. The resulting vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Mango Ice

Mango ice is a tasty flavour that’s great for warm weather. It’s a creamy combination of mangoes and heavy cream.

It’s very easy to make, and you can use fresh mangoes and whipping cream for the best results. It’s a healthy and low-fat dessert that’s sure to please!

The Geek Bar Mango Ice disposable pod device by Geekvape is one of our most popular vape devices. It’s super user-friendly, requires no setup and comes pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt e liquid.

Banana Ice

If you’re a banana lover, this might be just the e-juice you’re looking for. This e-juice has a sweet, creamy banana flavour and a touch of ice to give you an extra cool hit on your inhale!

Banana ice is a delicious blend of bananas, strawberries and a little menthol. It’s a perfect vape for any banana fanatic, and it’s also easy to make!

This e-liquid is a great choice for a quick vape break. It doesn’t clash with any other snacks you might be munching on, and it also comes in a disposable banana shaped device that won’t require coils or batteries to refill!


Blueberry ice is one of the most popular flavours within the Geek Bar disposable vape range. This flavour combines ripe blueberries with a cooling menthol to create a refreshing vape experience.

This vape pen is also a great choice for new vapers who are looking to start their vaping journey. The device is easy to use and doesn’t require any coils or e-liquid refills, making it ideal for anyone who wants a hassle-free vaping experience.

The 550mAh battery in each Geek Bar will last for up to 575 puffs before the device needs replacing, which is equivalent to around 20-25 cigarettes. This makes the device a great choice for those who are on a budget and need a low-cost vape to take with them on the go!

Mixed Fruit

Geek Bar disposable vape pens come in a range of fruit flavours, which means you can try something new without risking your health. Whether you’re looking to quit cigarettes or simply want a convenient on-the-go device, these disposable vapes are the perfect choice.

Mixed fruit is the perfect e-liquid for those who enjoy an understated taste that’s sweet, tart, and slightly acidic. It’s also a great option for those who prefer fruity flavours that don’t have too much of an alcohol or minty undertone.

Apple Peach

A fruit mix with a twist, Apple Peach is a crisp green apple that is accentuated with the soft taste of peaches. This flavour is one of the more unusual ones on the market, and is an excellent way to start your day thanks to its sweet and sour taste.

Disposable vapes are a great way to save money and avoid the hassle of buying and replacing pods or coils, which can quickly become costly. These pocket-friendly devices are pre-filled with 10mg or 20mg nic salt e-liquid, and the large battery they come with can last for up to 575 puffs.

Energy Ice

The Energy Ice disposable vape pod from Geek Bar combines a classic energy drink flavour with a cooling icy blast to create an amazing taste sensation. It has a 20mg salt nicotine strength and is available on IndeJuice alongside the full Geek Bar range with Free UK Delivery.

This lightweight disposable is designed to be hassle-free, with no need for refilling, changing pods or charging, it is a ready-to-go solution. Each 500mAh device can deliver up to 575 puffs – the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes.