Lead Vanguard – Streamline the Sales Process With Automated Sequences

Lead Vanguard is a fully dedicated, cross-functional and co-located team made up of full stack developers, journey owners, data analysts and UX strategists. Our clients are confident that we will deliver solutions which fulfill client needs and drive business outcomes within the context of their customer journeys.

Jack Brennan performed an extraordinary service when he brought Wellington and Vanguard together to form one of the most successful large-scale working relationships in the industry.

Streamlined Sales Process

Streamlining the sales process allows your team to spend time converting qualified leads instead of trying to find them. With more qualified leads and a shorter sales cycle, the flywheel of your business grows faster.

VALLEY FORGE, Pa., June 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vanguard is pleased to announce that it has successfully modeled the full lifecycle of asset-backed securities (ABS) on distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks in partnership with Symbiont, a leading blockchain solutions provider. This demonstration shows that the technology can be used to digitize ABS issuance, bringing significant operational and cost benefits to the industry.

Karin Risi is managing director of Vanguard’s Strategy, Product, Marketing and Communications division, overseeing enterprise investment product development, business strategy, and global marketing and communications. She joined the firm in 1997 and previously held leadership roles in its Financial Advisor Services, Institutional Investor Group, and Retail Investor Group. She holds a B.S. in finance from Villanova University.

Automated Sequences

Streamline the follow-up process with automated sequences, email templates that execute on predetermined schedules. These mini automation streams ensure you never forget to follow-up on a prospect again.

For example, a company that helps users schedule social media posts can send an onboarding sequence to encourage new subscribers to complete the first few tasks. The goal is to help them reach a point of value that will lead to conversion.

Use workflows and sequences to nurture leads and engage customers effectively with personalized emails that deliver a better, more relevant experience. Clearly define the goals of your sequences and workflows to improve performance and ensure they align with your overall marketing strategy. Then, continuously monitor and optimize based on performance metrics.

More Qualified Leads

Vanguard’s flywheel is spinning faster than ever with a new stream of qualified leads. This has freed up salespeople’s time to focus on closing deals with prospects who are interested in the company’s products.

Achieving industry-leading pixel density and color gamut, Vanguard’s LED displays are unmatched. Their XR Broadcast Series, for example, can be used to capture the action on the big screen with stunning clarity. Max Perry, President of Vanguard, likens his leadership ethos to building a sports team, emphasizing the importance of empowering the entire workforce to achieve success.

Vanguard’s Financial Advisor Services division is dedicated to being “the Advisor to the Advisor.” They provide investment products, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), practice management and market insights to 3rd party advisor clients to help them drive better end investor client outcomes. They also offer tools such as product insights, portfolio analytic consulting engagements, and model portfolios.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Join a fully-dedicated team of 5 full stack developers with the freedom to deliver solutions which fulfill client needs and drive business outcomes within client journeys. Work closely with a journey owner, data analyst and UX designer.

Generally, you must preclear any outside business activity that has the potential to conflict with your duties, responsibilities, or the terms of your assignment at Vanguard. This includes activities such as:

You must report any outside business activity on a quarterly basis by submitting a completed Outside Business Report through MCO. You must also update this information on a daily basis. If you fail to properly report outside business activity, you may be required to disgorge any gains (exclusive of commissions) from the sale of a Covered Security or a Related Security. Refer to your local Insider Trading Policy on the Code of Ethics Resource page on CrewNet for more information.